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Moonboon means moonlight, nighttime, a deep sleep, sweet dreams, and adventures. The moon symbolizes sleep and boon means benefit and all that is good in life.

We produce accessories for babies and children made of organic, sustainably made materials.

See all of our products here and find good advice in our informative articles about babies and sleep. If you would like more inspiration, you can read more about our organic baby hammocks, mattresses made of kapok and motors for baby hammocks.

Review of Moonboon

"It's amazing"

My story

My name is Marie and I started Moonboon. The inspiration for Moonboon came to me through the love I have for my son. From the very start, developing products that are sustainable has been essential.

I hope that your baby will sleep as well with Moonboon as my son has – and still does.

Love, Marie

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